What is the Southwest Surf Ranch?

An ocean.

A beach.

A place for beginner, intermediate & advanced surfers to travel to our desert to get guaranteed waves (and spend their money while they visit).

A beach for El Paso friends & families to swim, have barbecues, learn to surf (without sharks left-out shark, hammerhead cartoon, monica riehl, surfer, southwest surf ranch, el paso)

play on the sand, under shade, 10 months out of the year. A place for new families to walk with strollers around the boardwalk, surrounded by international vendors, popular brands, local artisans, listen to live music and eat at family friendly restaurants.

Imagine Venice Beach meets the border region. An Oasis in the desert!

Vendors, art, healthy food, volleyball, skate park, an ocean for surfing (and surf contests, invitationals, practice for the El Paso Surf Team) and a sandy beach for people to lay out on. For our triathletes needing a place for open water training, our future surfers (learn to surf camps for kids & adults), our high school swimmers interested in building up their strength. We have 18 programs planned to benefit our community through wellness!

Watch the full video featuring one example of man-made wave technology (belonging to Kelly Slater’s Wave Company) with audio below: