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Inland Surfer-  a non-coastal living person that surfs, or identifies as part of the surf culture. Typically, an inland surfer minimally participates in ocean surfing due to not living on the coast. However, they may participate in surfing other bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and man-made wave facilities (Barefoot Ski Ranch, Inland Surf, Surf Snowdonia).

Surfing is the fastest growing sport in the world. Therefore, with the opening of inland surf parks and beaches the number of non-coastal living surfers is expected to increase.

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Surf Economy



When we first began speaking of the Southwest Surf Ranch people laughed.  The first reactions were as follow:

  1.  Nobody in El Paso, and surrounding areas, surfs!
  2.  People in El Paso will never support this project.
  3.  Developers didn’t see the point behind the project citing it was too expense and local people would not attend.

These are all great points to address! Over the course of a year, I’ve spent money on research, meetings, travel to meet with man-made wave technology engineers.  Furthermore, I’ve surveyed the landscape of El Paso and ensured that the project concept addressed several key issues in our community:  Brain Drain, Wellness, Economic Diversity, More Healthy Activities for Teens.


  1. Not many people surf in El Paso <TRUE>. However, the point of the project is to bring tourists here, approximately 125,000 people that would not otherwise come to El Paso.  a. Also, we are designing a beach for families with vendors, skate parks, beach volleyball, basketball – all surrounding the “Ocean” where the surfing happens.
  2. People in El Paso Do support the project. Our city sees the value in connecting this surf project to the wellness, community & schools. 
  3. El Paso’s top developers are mentors and advisors for this project – fully supporting the idea after seeing the potential for profit (in addition to how it will add to the city).

We are happy to answer questions or to connect with you further. Please let me know how we can make this idea even better. Let’s build this together!

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